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Latest News from the Lit Salon

Yea! Open Mic Event a Success

I’m going to crow just a bit. Las Vegas Literary Salon’s Edwina (Patti) Romero, suggested we do an open mic event in recognition of poetry month, celebrated annually in April. We already had an April event scheduled, Dreams and Creativity presented by Jan Beurskens, but we decided to add the event to the schedule andContinue reading “Yea! Open Mic Event a Success”

You are Invited

Sunday, April 25, 4-5 p.m.Dreams and Creativity Have you ever experienced parts of your stories “writing themselves,” as if your ‘creative muse’ took control, and pushed your character or your story line in a completely different direction; and, were totally a-‘mused’ to find a surprisingly better direction? That was your unconscious overriding your conscious ego,Continue reading “You are Invited”

Dreams and Creativity

You can expand and enhance your creativity as a writer by exploring the methodology and composition of dream writing. The dream world utilizes tools such as exaggeration of archetypal characters, suspension of physical constraints of time and space, unexpected imagery, and most importantly speaks in symbols.

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