A Visit with Author Jim Terr

If sheer volume of words written is a marker of success, Jim Terr is a winner. He has written jingles, jokes, songs, books, video scripts for videos he has produced, satirical commentary, essays, many Letters to the Editor, and an ad campaign for his run for president… yes, of the United States. Read an article here about that journey. His YouTube channel has had 2.5 million views over its lifetime… up to now.  In telling Jim’s story, there would need to be LOTS of ellipses – those dot-dot-dots at the end of some sentences – because there is so much more to his story than can be written here. This is an invitation to attend the Zoom event featuring Jim and his work, to the extent that’s possible in one hour.

The Visit with the Author featuring Jim Terr is Sunday, March 28, from 4-5 p.m. The direct link is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87316756450. Preregistering is not required but helpful to the Zoom host. A registration form is below.

You can find out a lot about Jim’s work on his Blue Canyon Production website. On The 24-Track Chronicles site, he’s written a nice introduction, about a third of the day down the page, that gives insight into why he chose to write the book, which includes links to videos, a bridge between the printed word and digital response.

Click here to read an interview I did with Jim in 2016 about his journey.

Be sure and Zoom in on Sunday, March 28, 4-5 p.m. to learn more about Jim’s books: The 24-Track Chronicles, “(Insert machinations here)” Forty half-baked film ideas – and a few good ones, Beautiful Little Las Vegas: Photos of Las Vegas, New Mexico and vicinity, and You Got to be Stupid to Sing Country Music.

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the Zoom event featuring Jim.

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