We are extending the deadline for Tapestry: Tales, Essays, Poetry to July 1, 2021. The target publication date is early to mid-November 2021. Submission Guidelines can be found by clicking TAPESTRY GUIDELINES in the menu.

To qualify for the publication, you must live – or have lived – in the topic area (Northeastern New Mexico). Submissions that reflect the area are preferred, but not required. There is much to celebrate – or comment on – about Northeastern New Mexico, a diverse area with a broad mosaic of cultures and lifestyles, so you will have lots of fodder for your writing muse. And, yes, speculative fiction, mystery, suspense, comic relief, ghost stories and any other genre you can imagine – and write in short-form – is admissible and encouraged. Essays and poetry are open to the writer’s imagination and creativity. Check out Mary Rose Henssler’s Quick Fixes When you Don’t Know What to Write, to get your creative juices flowing.

As compensation, writers will receive a copy of the published book.

Tapestry: Tales, Essays, Poetry is a fundraiser for Las Vegas Literary Salon. Income from sale of the book will go to the Las Vegas Arts Council (the LVLS fiscal sponsor), to be used for programming and expenses of LVLS.

We welcome all submissions. There is no reading fee. Please follow the submission guidelines to assure your work is considered for the publication.

Members of Las Vegas Literary Salon are eligible to participate in the call.

This is not a competition. We are looking for quality writing as a criterion for inclusion. We will select a small group of thoughtful readers to review for that…no prizes or other judgments will be necessary. And we will only announce the reader’s names if they choose to be recognized.

If you have questions, email This is for inquiry only. Do not send submissions to this email. Click the download button below to get the guidelines.

Deadline for submissions is July 1, 2021. We expect to have the book ready for Christmas sales and gift giving. It will be available locally and online. Pandemic permitting, there will be an in-person book talk and signing featuring as many authors as can make it.

Thanks to a First United Presbyterian Church Mustard Seed Grant, the initial printing and shipping costs will be covered. And thanks to Las Vegas Arts Council and its continued support.


  1. Thanks, Sharon. I didn’t realize it was coming out so soon. I cannot find our deadline dates for Mustard Seed. Meds are helping, but brain seems empty.

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  2. Do you accept stories about Las Vegas NM that have been previously published?
    I do write for several internet writer’s publications, but I have been careful to copyright my pieces.
    If you cannot accept previously published work, I may cook up some LV stories that might be of interest to you and your group.

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    1. Thanks for your query. For this anthology, we are asking for original work. We look forward to receiving your submission. Are you a Las Vegas, NM writer or do you live in the area?


      1. Yes, I am. We live just a short ride from town. It was Charlotte Plantz who directed me to you.
        I am an artist and writer– since long ago. My first two and a half years in Las Vegas have been unique…and, in fact, unique for all of us, yes? Covid did it. But out of Covid came art called Chaos, and some writing to go around it. Shall I ferret out something original, never published, and polish it up? Thank you, Sharon, for replying so quickly. Susan G Holland

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      2. Sharon Vander Meer, did you get my attachment in the company email? Didn’t know how to send a link (attachment) here. It will give you a sample of the kind of thing I write, though I write a lot of different kinds of “stories” as well. My life here in Las Vegas IS a story I tell about often.
        Best, Susan Holland

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      3. I did get the links. Love your work. We have outside readers who see the submissions before the publishing team does. We will be looking at submissions submitted by June 1 in the next week. Submission submitted by July 1 will be read by the team in mid to late July. I hope we have an opportunity to meet soon.


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