Gina Orlando Featured Speaker Oct. 23

Gina Orlando will talk about and read from her book “Galactic Herstory, Vol I: Tales of a Warrior Born by the Light at a Las Vegas Literary Salon sponsored presentation at 4:30 p.m., Oct. 23, at Stella’s on Bridge Street. An open mic event will follow. Gina’s book will be available for purchase or it can be ordered here.

Q&A with Oct. 23 featured author Gina Orlando.

What brought you to Las Vegas?
Gina: I have been living in Montezuma for the past year. I have always been a gypsy of sorts and love to travel and explore new pockets of the land and places to live. I believe the land calls us home to where we belong if we can tune in and listen.

What has been you education or career path?
Gina: I am a multi-dimensional energy intuitive, seer and channel who focuses on the restoration of truth, love, sovereignty, and creative expression into the collective dream of humanity. I hold a Mater’s in Metaphysical Science and have worked as a trauma counselor and advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. 

Galactic Herstory

Talk about your writing journey.
Gina: I am completely self-taught as an artist and writer. My writings began as my personal journal and evolved as an ongoing process of a way to make sense of the senseless and retrieve my multi-dimensional memories in an attempt to heal, integrate and to become truly whole again. I traveled through hell and back again revealing the hidden truth of my deep seated multi-generational pain and trauma. Nature became my Mother. She showed me the way home. My writings are poetic in nature, the book reads like a narrative and is timeless in nature. It is a thought provoking, heart activating book that takes readers on a mystical journey to explore infinite love, cosmic creation, and the vast potential of the human experience. I am currently working on completing the sequel to the first book.

What has your experience been with indie publishing?
Gina: As a visionary artist it allowed me the artistic freedom to create something truly unique and stay true to my authentic voice and creative expression without having to alter or change it to try and fit into a particular genera. Although there have been many challenges as far as getting my work out more publicly to the masses.

What do you most want people to know about you as a writer?
Gina: I am deeply inspired by creation and the cosmos. My work expresses the relationship between Spirit and Nature. Cyclical rhythms such as the inner and outer seasons are explored within the context of dreams, myth, and symbolism to inform an exploration of personal psychology, the collective unconscious, and the language of light. The journey of the soul becoming human and the alchemical union between feminine and masculine consciousness guide my creative practice. As an artist and writer, I focus on the circle as a living symbol and container of essence allowing the invisible to express itself naturally through symbols, patterns, colors and words revealing energy in motion which can be described as visionary art.


The LVLS October event is free and open to the public. If you wish to read during the Open Mic, please sign in when you arrive at the venue. Readings will be limited to seven minutes.

Las Vegas Literary Salon is a nonprofit organization under the fiscal sponsorship of Las Vegas Arts Council. For more information about how you can become involved, email We are seeking active creatives.

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