Our Mission

The mission of Las Vegas Literary Salon is to provide a safe space for writers, readers, and thinkers to meet, talk, and exchange ideas about writing and the written.


  • The LVLS aims to lift the voices of those who have been traditionally marginalized—persons of color, refugees, the homeless, the LGBTQ community—and others—through the literary arts; to encourage writers and readers to be advocates for the literary arts in society; and to promote the concepts that writing and reading create understanding of ourselves and others, and encourage compassion and empathy in society. 
  • For writers: to exchange ideas about the art, crafts, excitement, and responsibilities of writing; to offer programs in publishing, writing, editing, book design, and other writing related topics; to support writers of all ages and abilities. 
  • For readers: to examine and discuss a variety of genres from poetry to fiction to non-fiction as well as to experience excitement, joy, and enlightenment;
  • Periodically, the LVLS shall provide avenues for writers to bring their works to readers through publishing, establishing book clubs and writers’ workshops, sponsor book fairs, literary festivals, and additional innovations as they emerge.

Organizational Values

Accessibility: Las Vegas Literary Salon welcomes all people who want to learn more about writing and reading no matter their age, experience, or education. When possible, programming will be free so it is accessible to all. When a fee for participation is required, LVLS will keep our offerings affordable and facilities convenient for all community members.

Collaboration: Writing is often seen as a solitary art; however, all writers need the inspiration and support of others. Programming will engage students, presenters, and peers in collaborative relationships.

Creativity: We encourage emerging genres, foster innovation, and encourage experimentation.

Community: LVLS will strive to provide space and spirit for fellowship among working and aspiring writers. We invite everyone who values arts and culture to explore the written word and support the vibrancy and diversity of the artistic culture of Northern New Mexico.

Discovery: We believe that writing empowers greater understanding of self and others and thereby encourages compassion and empathy in our society, so we encourage the acts of writing—free-writing, journal-writing, open-mic readings, group readings and performances, and discussions.

Excellence: Las Vegas Literary Salon is dedicated to supporting the highest potential of each writer, whatever his or her goals and talents. We are committed to increasing awareness of local and national authors producing high quality work.


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