Dream Writing – Sunday, April 25, 4-5 p.m., featuring Jan Beurskens.
How might our dreams help in our writing and creativity?

Have you ever experienced parts of your stories “writing themselves,” as if your ‘creative muse’ took control, and pushed your character or your story line in a completely different direction; and, were totally a-‘mused’ to find a surprisingly better direction? That was your unconscious overriding your conscious ego, your right brain directing your left brain, the analogical method surpassing the analytical.

You can expand and enhance your creativity as a writer by exploring the methodology and composition of dream writing. The dream world utilizes tools such as exaggeration of archetypal characters, suspension of physical constraints of time and space, unexpected imagery, and most importantly speaks in symbols.

The dream world can be a teacher, you can be the student.

Use this form to register for Jan Beurskens’ presentation on dream writing and creativity. Or you may register by emailing lvliterarysalon@gmail.com. In the subject line type Registration. You will receive an invitation to the April 25 Zoom event.

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