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Latest News from the Lit Salon

Patti Writes: A Circle of Light

I am poised with the red table lamp, its cord dangling from the outlet between the two kitchen windows, in one hand, and my library book under my arm.

Patti Writes

Here we are. Poetry Month 2022. This is a poem I “keypunched” when I worked as a keypunch operator at Harbor Service Bureau, Wilmington, CA; circa 1968. Using simple number coding, I punched cargo data from a ship’s manifest into the keypunch cards.The punched cards were then “verified” by another keypunch operator by re-entering the… Continue reading Patti Writes

Seeking Short Story Submissions

In support of the Las Vegas Literary Salon’s fundraising efforts, the Schooley prints will be on display and available for purchase during the month of May at the Las Vegas Arts Council Gallery 140, 140 Bridge St. in Las Vegas, NM, along with works contributed by other artists in the local area in support of nonprofit organizations.

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